About Us

J Trax, LLC is a full service music and sound design production house on the cutting edge of the Hollywood creative scene. With a client list that includes every major film studio in L.A., J Trax prides itself on the ability to deliver superior work for the most demanding of clients…under the tightest of deadlines.

J Trax’ sonic work has been used in the advertising campaigns of hundreds of Hollywood’s massive blockbuster films… including The Jungle Book, Deadpool, Gravity, Guardians of the Galaxy, World War Z, and The Departed. Also, every single film in The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, Amazing Spiderman, and Star Trek franchises have used J Trax cues in their campaigns. In addition, J Trax has contributed sonic branding work for clients like Walmart, Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment, and Indian Paintbrush, resulting in a collection of graphic production logos that are featured in the opening sequences of over 30 major motion pictures.

J Trax, LLC was founded in 2007 by composer/musician/voiceover artist Jamie Anderson. An alum of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Jamie was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Jamie also co-founded Swag Music Group, LLC in 2002 with Jon Coco and David McLaughlin, which operated until 2006. Some work from the SMG years is represented on this site