J Trax is now accepting composer submissions. So if you are an amazing composer with world class trailer music chops…and you want to give your cues a chance to be placed in some big trailer/TV campaigns…then please follow the steps below.

1) Check out the rest of this website to see who we are, what we do, who our clients are, and the caliber of campaigns we work on for them. We want you to understand the stakes.

2) Send us an email at with  “COMPOSER” in the subject line, and only your name in the body of the email, with your SINGLE BEST CUE attached via MP3 or link. We will be reviewing no more than ONE cue at a time per composer to start, due to time constraints.

3) Please DO NOT send us any Soundcloud links, website links, or multiple MP3′s. Just send us your one best cue, and BLOW US AWAY! If you can do that, then we’ll certainly want to hear more.